For producing special order machine

step1 Discussion for specifications
To discuss and check specifications.
step2 Test for laminating
To test by test machine for products, sample and to check/evaluate so as to consider specifications.
step3 To fix tentative specifications
In accordance with test result and user��s requirement, to check and discuss for specifications and modify if any.
step4 To make construction drawing and quotation
To make construction drawing in accordance with tentative specifications and quotation.
step5 Fixing specifications
To confirm the construction drawing then to fix specifications.
step6 To make accept drawing
To make accept drawing after fixing specifications then fix the price.
step7 Order
To get order after confirming price and delivery time.
step8 Design/Engineering
To make design and engineering by our Dep��t concern
step9 Manufacturing
To manufacture by our factory.
step10 Check and accept
To check machine with user at our factory and to get acceptance.

* Company profile
Pioneer of Laminator��MCK CO.,LTD